An Offering of Love

“Let your love flow where the beautiful things are and something beautiful will always come your way.” ~r.m. drake~ It’s very important to respect your body. Give it time to settle. Give yourself time to heal, Even if the injury lies in the heart. Take some time to fill yourself up with love. Fall in […]

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And so she loved herself.

Her heart yearned to wander. It was the whisper of the wind that called her name. The rustle of the trees that sent the rhythm into her bones. The beating of her heart that caused the bass of the unknown. She was wild. She slept among the wolves. A protector of all that is meant […]

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Exquisite Metamorphosis

And so it begins. The external starts to crumble. The heart begins to rumble. Light breaks through the cracks. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon. There’s so much beauty in the crumbling of bricks. As I break through past walls that I built so high it blocked the sky. Now I can feel the breeze. […]

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