Exquisite Metamorphosis

And so it begins.

The external starts to crumble.

The heart begins to rumble.

Light breaks through the cracks.

The butterfly emerges from the cocoon.

There’s so much beauty in the crumbling of bricks. As I break through past walls that I built so high it blocked the sky.

Now I can feel the breeze. I feel the sun against my skin. I’ve fallen in love with the way the wind whispers my name. The forest tugs at my wings. A calling back after years of being lost. And so I shake off the dust.

From the heart to skin, I expand. From the skin to heart I contract. Time spent in the cocoon to allow myself to unravel, right down to my very essence. The wings have been formed. A beautiful view that tenders the heart.

Allowing everything to be as it is. All preconceived ideas of outcomes vanished. Dancing with uncertainty. Letting the breeze catch me, and take me away. To wherever the spirit calls my name. Recently, where I’ve flown hasn’t been a place, but the hearts of love. To where I’ve scattered my own heart. Among the trees. Among the depths of souls reuniting. In doing so, my heart has been fueled. The fire within courses through my veins.

The air glitters.

The soul shimmers.

The journey has just begun.

I am my own being.

I am left undefined.

Every moment is a new moment

to be.

Getting lost

in the in between.

Running wild with the heart.

With that, I come apart.



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