An Offering of Love

PhotoGrid_1451242489779.jpg“Let your love flow where

the beautiful things are

and something beautiful

will always come your way.”

~r.m. drake~

It’s very important to respect your body.

Give it time to settle.

Give yourself time to heal,

Even if the injury lies in the heart.

Take some time to fill yourself up with love.

Fall in love with who you are.

It is not your job, nor your obligation to have someone fall in love with you. Just be You.

Build deep connections with souls.

Love these beings with every ounce of your essence.

Shower them with affection and gratitude.

Tell them just how much you love them…

And do the same for you.

Count your blessings morning, noon and night.

Express your love for each part of you. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. Treat yourself like you would your best friend. You are so amazing.

Cry when you need to cry. It nourishes the soul.

Take the time to find who you are… without labels. Without judgements. Without expectations. Shed all the layers of who you used to be. In the rubble, you’ll find who you are meant to be. And know, it’ll change.

You are a Universe full of secrets. Not everyone will understand you. And that’s okay. You are so incredibly beautiful.

Explore yourself. Break the chains that fear has built to tame the heart. Run wild and free with your heart. Even if it gets broken a few times. Mend the broken with gold and shimmery warm light.

Come back to love. Every single moment. Every single breath.

When in doubt. Choose love. In any moment of feeling inadequate. Choose love. If you ever feel anything less than worthy. Choose love.

Because love is love is love.

And love is all you need.

I love you. From the crown of your head. To the tips of your toes. I love you. From your deepest fears. To your star reaching dreams. I love you.




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