PhotoGrid_1452355580718.jpgI do not care to be a girlfriend.

I desire to be the best damn friend I can be.

If your heart hurts, call me and tell me all about it. I’ll send to you my force field of light.

Need a hug at 2am? I’ll find you.

Make some clouded choices? I’ll pick you up and comfort you.

Let me love you in the only way I know how. Without expectation. Without judgment. Without borders.

Boundless love.

I wish to be there for you, whenever you need.

I believe in you, and crave to watch you grow.

Let me squeeze you until your worries drift away.

Allow me to relieve you of what is weighing you down.

Even if you feel you are in the darkness, I can see your glimmer of light.

My wings are strong enough to carry us. For I built these wing. Carefully constructed with broken bits of beauty. Sealed together with liquid gold and shimmering light.

I’ll share with you the secrets of my world.

All I ask in return is respect, honesty, understanding, openness, and love.

Respect for who I am and all I have yet to be. For I will always respect you.

Honesty in all ways. Be forward. Be bold. Be you.

Understanding of whatever outcome may arise. For I do not wish to put any labels on myself or any form of connection. I wish to simply be me.

Openness and receptivity. Transparent.

Love. Simple. Pure. Innocent. Love.

Deep. Cellular. Soul. Love.

For I am an open vessel of love. Continuous jet stream of love. From my heart to yours.






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