Live the full life of the mind,

exhilarated by new ideas,

intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.

~Ernest Hemingway

I exist to inspire and empower others to live passionately and from the heart. To be an open vessel of love.

What this means is that I exist to be all that I can be, so I can be there for you. I exist to live by example. To love fully and unconditionally in every sense. To love myself. All of myself. As I am. In doing so, I have more love to share. To love you, in any way that is necessary.

I desire to live in a world where every woman feels like the queen she is… and every man feels like a king. It is my mission to help you feel absolutely fucking gorgeous just as you are. There is no replica of you on this planet. In all of existence. Only you. And you are so beautiful. Like woah. What you may think is a flaw is actually a characteristic that makes you…you. There is no need to change or fix or force. You are whole, just as you are.

Through my own (ongoing) journey of self discovery, I have found how truly loving yourself is good quality soul medicine. It’s a transformative journey. To completely unravel and let everything be as it is. Not picking up a single piece. Just moving forward with love. Rebuilding from a tiny pearl of light behind the heart. Creating this force field of light. A force field of love. Self love. Not accepting your flaws, but truly loving them. Being able to look in the mirror, and find yourself in awe of your own beauty.

Some days I wake up so full of love that I can’t help but cry. Some days I wake up and want to hide for a few days. And that’s okay. Feel everything. If you ever need me to sit with you as you feel, I will. With open arms and an open heart.

My wish is to be able to help you in this journey. To watch you grow and transform into the best version of you. To love you every single step along the way. To help you heal when you’re not quite sure how. To hold your hand in your time of need. To wipe away the tears through heartache and breakthroughs. To remind you of your light when you feel you are in the darkness. To simply be there for you. Whether it’s simply to listen and hug away the pain. Or give feedback. Or whatever. I am here.

I know who I am. Deep down in my bones. There is space in my heart for you to live.

I am an open vessel of love. Receptive. Powerful. To be this open takes a lot of vulnerability… a type of vulnerability not everyone is willing to see…or share. But I’m going to share it anyway. For this is who I am.

Forever real.

Forever raw.

Forever vulnerable.

Forever love.


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