Real Talk

Let’s real talk for a second.
I know I second guess myself. I’ve done it all my life. Even in school. I wouldn’t raise my hand because I didn’t want to be wrong…and then someone would say what I was going to say and then they would get so much praise. And here recently, I have noticed moments where I start to second guess myself, and then someone I love checks me. I am surrounded by people who push me to keep striving for my dreams… and I’m to a point where my dreams are right there. I can feel what that dream feels like. And to be honest, it’s a little scary. 9 years. This dream has been ingrained into my bones for 9 years. This path has been paved way before I came to fruition. I have never wavered from the end goal. I may have followed a dead end path from time to time, but the dream has been the guide the whole way. The stumbles and the mistakes built my character. The only way to learn is to screw up from time to time..and realize that the screwing up isn’t “bad.” Nothing is ever really “bad.” Bad is merely a perception. Once you realize the challenge turned into a lesson, the perception changes to positive. Notice how this change in perception makes you feel. This shift. And take it into your life.
For example. It’s your only day off. And the previous day was the most beautiful day. The sun radiated the perfect amount of heat. The breeze took the edge off. The birds chirped and little butterflies fluttered with the wind. Honey bees buzzed flower to flower collecting ingredients for the sweetest honey. But. Today. It’s raining. Monsoon rains. Can’t even take the dog for a walk rain. Right away you think “Great. My day off and I can’t do anything because it’s raining.” Am I right? Instead. Shift the perception. Yes. It’s raining. But, take it as a self care day. Or maybe you’ve been putting off a project and this is your sign to buckle down and finish it. Because guess what? Once that project is finished, space is cleared in your head for the next one.
Another short example. Replacing the word should or need with want….oooo… scratch that. Let’s switch it with desire. So instead of saying “Man. I really need to do the dishes.” Say, “Man. I really desire to do the dishes.” Make the task important, but not because there’s urgency… because it’s in that specific moment. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen in the next moment. Feel this moment. Love this moment. Even if you’re dirty and sweaty and you want to lie down. This moment is all you have. When you simply wish for the next moment, the moment slips past you and next thing you know life has zipped by.
And so I come back. Why do we second guess ourselves when we’re so close to what we desire? What we’ve worked so damn hard for? I know I’m not the
only one.
And so…
Let’s change the game. The moment you notice yourself second guessing yourself…just stop and say yes. Whatever the moment is. Say yes. Go for it. Jump right in. You’ll never be ready. Ever. So just do it. What’s the worst that will happen? You’ll fail? Failure is simply proof of trying. And if you fall? That’s how you learn to fly. Fear of failure is that little voice in your head trying to trick you. Trying to tell you that you aren’t good enough. That you aren’t strong enough… beautiful enough… powerful enough… Enough.
But I have a tiny secret. Scratch that. I have a huge secret.
You are enough.
And you are so much more.
Want to write a book? Start writing it. No one ever has to read it if you don’t want them to. Want to make a difference? Start with yourself. Build yourself up. Build those around you up. And you’ll notice how the world starts to change.. one heart at a time. Whatever you’ve always dreamed of doing… Do it.
You are beautiful.. amazing.. wonderful.. full of potential. Live up to your potential. Be you. Because you have an awful lot to give to this world. And I will stand by you every step along the way. With little words of encouragement. Tough love when necessary. And open arms and a forever open heart. Because you deserve it. All of it. Everything you’ve dreamed of. Everything that magical heart of yours desires. Because you are beautiful. Forget your physical body for a moment.
Listen to the beating of your heart. Feel it. Let that be your fuel.
And then inhale. Biggest breath in you’ve ever taken. And heavily sigh it out. Notice how you feel lighter?
Keep that breath going. Eventually in and out through the nose. And follow the breath. Follow where your mind goes. Go inside yourself to find yourself. Dig up those passions you’ve buried. Face those fears you’ve hidden behind doors. Look in the mirror. Seriously look at yourself. Not your appearance, but your essence. Do you see how beautiful you are? Truly? I see it. And my mission is to help you see it.
In the end.
Stop standing in your own way.
Go be the change.
Be love.
Spread the love.
Surrender to the moment.
Let the moments unravel organically.
I’m here.

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