Be here now.

Can you have too many favorites?
I don’t think so.

This is one of my favorite practices.
Because there is no where else to be than now.

When you live in this moment. Right here. Right now. What else can be more amazing? Even if this moment is not picture perfect (no moments ever are), it is still my favorite. Because I am with you. Or I am with myself. Or I’m playing with my toes. Or I’m sitting quietly…being.

I have found when I’m not following this practice, I get caught up in my head. The what ifs. The shoulds. The cannots. And I get grumpy. Because I’m thinking about the next moment. And the moment after that. And the moment after that. And next thing you know. I’m in Sunday and it’s only Wednesday.

When I catch this process, I stop and say to myself “Be here now.” Sometimes it takes a few times before my mind follows my heart. My favorite way to be here now is to find my heart beat. And sometimes it is truly a task to find it. Especially when the mind chatter is so loud you don’t even have room to think. And so… first I feel. I feel my limbs. And I listen. I follow the sensations to my heart. And I listen. I deepen my breath to match the rhythm of my heartbeat. And I listen. Woah. I place my hands over my heart. There she is. Here we are. All together. My breath. My body. My mind. My heart. My spirit. We’re all focused on the same thing. Life. This moment. Breathing in. Breathing out. I open my eyes…not even remembering when I closed them in the first place. And I stay right here. Even while I physically move throughout my day, I’m right here. And sometimes I still get caught up. I can’t always take the time for this practice. So my speedy way to get back to here is simply this. Breathe in. Breathe out. Do it again. Slow it down. Here we are. All together.

This is my intention right now. Life is moving in the direction I have dreamed of. And it’s so easy to get lost in everything that could go wrong… And then I remember how this past year has unfolded. It unfolded this way because of one thing. Trust. Every moment is this moment. And trusting that. Trusting myself in every decision my heart sent to my mind. Trusting the process of life and love. Trusting love. Trusting the Universe. It all brought me to right here. Right now. Where I continue to trust. And I think I trust more now than I ever have. Because every moment gives me the woahs. There is so much to be amazed by. Wonderment is an incredible thing. It forces you to be right here… right now.

And what’s more amazing than right now?

My challenge for you. Live today. Today. Don’t live tomorrow as you go through the motions of today. Be right here. Right now. Breathe deeper. Love louder. Hug longer. Enjoy life. Express your love without saying a word. Express your love with all the words. Whatever it is in your heart, do it. Say it. Be it. Be you. Right here. Right now. The beautiful, wonderful, amazing… You.

Just imagine what it would be like… for all of us to be right here. Right now. Breathing. Believing. Being. All together.



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