Sensory Overload

Sensory overload.

To be a light in times of darkness.

To be a positive presence in times of pain, fear, anger, frustration…

To feel so deeply that all the pain in the world stabs your heart, but you can’t ignore it. You can’t block it out or turn it off. You have to feel it…. loudly. You have to be a voice for the voiceless and ignored.

You have privilege. Use it not for your own advantage, but to help. Speak up and stand up. Listen to that voice in your heart that says, “This isn’t right.”

Be an advocate for love.

Sensory overload.

This past month I have probably felt every emotion every day. And it zapped all creativity. To where I had to search for my creativity. Because how can I be positive and passionate about something when many people are literally fighting for rights, for water, and ending oppression. I can speak of love and life, but why? How? I can’t be a pair of rose colored glasses that makes the world seem perfect and beautiful. I can’t be an escape from reality. Honestly, I don’t know how to write about what’s going on in the world, because it’s all inarticulate cries from my heart yearning for peace and love.

But what I can do… continue to share. Something I’m realizing is that it’s okay to stay positive and not sink into the pain that is gaining momentum. Yes, feel. Please feel. Feel so hard. But instead of going, “Oh, the world is hurting, so I must hurt and share the hurt,” I challenge you to use it as fuel to your light. When there is darkness there is always a glimmer of light somewhere. Be a vessel of hope. An active vessel. Fighting the good fight with love and compassion. Light will always attract darkness. As we can see right now, a peaceful protest (the lights. the protectors.) are being attacked by greed and “power” (the darkness). And there are so many more examples, but this one is the most prominent and most dire right now.


It is definitely tiring to be a light. Because every horror in the world that stacks up make you want to just give up and let your light go out. But, when there are people on the front lines, when there are people literally standing up to the face of oppression, you mustn’t give up. Keep taking time to fuel up to come back and love with recklessness.

It only takes one flame to light a thousand others. What if the glimmer that you hold so dear could be what awakens the closed minded? What if it is your light that sparks 12 others? And then those 12 others spark 436 others. And it continues and continues. The light grows. Filling shadows. And maybe you have to use your light as a spotlight for someone else. Someone else whose light is a different shade and that difference is feared by the closed off. The “I’m unbreakable.” And I say that because the unbreakable have closed their hearts. They let whatever pain they have experienced overcome them into hardness. There is so much beauty and strength in breaking. It is so powerful to feel broken and continue. So, be breakable. Let things affect you. Feel every single different kind of heartbreak. And know you are unstoppable. An unstoppable force gets thrown around. It bumps into objects. It gets a little cracked. But it continues to move… as long as there is still the initial force. The fire. The light.

Maybe your light is dedicated to being on the front line. Maybe your light is digging for the truth. Maybe your light is writing about experience. Maybe your light is spreading the word. Maybe your light is compassion. Maybe your light is nurturing. None of our lights are the same. Maybe we each harness a fire of different colored flames. There’s the pure white flame. The passionate red flame. The flame that is so hot that it is blue. And that’s only the surface of the surface.


I am holding space. Continuously holding space. And I give myself the respect and honor to hold space for myself. To daily give myself a safe space. A sensual practice to feel the feels and come back to love. This is how I feed my light. With words and pretending to be a snake. (^_^) And in turn, it widens the room to hold space for others.

Together we can create a force field of light.

May we harness it.



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