Hurry Up and Slow Down


I’ve spent the past 6 months not writing much… not making many goals… not feeling any kind of creative spark. Creativity would greet me every once in a while, but I was caught up in upcoming change… and the stress that comes along with it. So I just didn’t give myself the space to sit and feel (which is how I connect to creative energy). I got into this rushed routine to use my time as efficiently as possible… and when the change happened, I felt I needed to be even more efficient. Fill as much time as possible with whatever I could. The house was a bit cluttered…so my head space was a bit cluttered. As we’ve started the nesting process, I noticed my head space starting to clear while the physical space started to clear. And as my head space started to clear I noticed how inefficient this rushed routine became.

I rush through everything.
Brushing my teeth.
Washing my hair.
Getting from point A to point B.

The only time I slow down is when I practice. As if that whole hour is the only time I can go at my own pace. So I decided to apply my rushed-ness in a new way. Hurry up and slow down. I’m finding new ways to be present during the mundane tasks… the tedious tasks… and the self care tasks that I sometimes half-ass.

Washing my hair is an act of patience, care and purity.
Brushing my teeth is a moment to set an intention for my day, and to close my day.
Cooking is a devotion to nourishment and health.
My practice is my daily sacred space for myself to reconnect and enjoy my own company.
It’s easy to check out and wander off on auto pilot or to day dreams… but I’m currently living the dreams I conjured up 10 years ago… so I’m allowing myself to love the ordinary and welcome the extraordinary. I’m learning how to meet myself where I am instead of constantly telling myself to do more… push harder… go further… be better. So I focus on being more still… witnessing daily magic… living the moment.

And I ask myself a simple question…

How can I do less?

To feel more?

Take the pressure off.

Respect and understand it’s importance and necessity during the moment… and then send it away.

It feels nice to get rid of the extra weight.




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