Thank You

    I’m continuously asked, “So M’Le…What’s your favorite style of yoga to teach?” And I think about it. I truly think about it. And I try to answer the question. I start with the style that brought me to yoga. Vinyasa Flow. My baby. The bread and butter. There’s so much that can be […]

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The Journey to Now

Confidence. An unexpected outcome from the practice. Growing up, I always wanted strong self confidence… but I wasn’t really sure how. So. While figuring it out, I thought that physical change was how you loved yourself. I thought that if I molded myself to fit an image, then in turn, I would love myself. Because […]

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Real Talk

Let’s real talk for a second. I know I second guess myself. I’ve done it all my life. Even in school. I wouldn’t raise my hand because I didn’t want to be wrong…and then someone would say what I was going to say and then they would get so much praise. And here recently, I […]

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And the Layers Fall

I thought the process was over. This exquisite metamorphosis. I thought once I emerged from the cocoon, that was the end. But then I learned…. The butterfly cannot automatically fly once it’s out of the cocoon. Their wings are still wet. They can only fly when their wings are dry. So there is a process […]

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Goddess of Intimacy

I breathe in Heart to skin. I breathe out. I wanted to change the world… So I started with myself. A transformation. An exquisite metamorphosis. With hands clasped And head bowed, I gave thanks… For everything I’ve ever been, For all the pain I’ve ever felt. For every person To cross my path. I sent […]

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Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual. ~Ernest Hemingway I exist to inspire and empower others to live passionately and from the heart. To be an open vessel of love. What this means is that I exist to be all that I can be, […]

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I do not care to be a girlfriend. I desire to be the best damn friend I can be. If your heart hurts, call me and tell me all about it. I’ll send to you my force field of light. Need a hug at 2am? I’ll find you. Make some clouded choices? I’ll pick you […]

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An Offering of Love

“Let your love flow where the beautiful things are and something beautiful will always come your way.” ~r.m. drake~ It’s very important to respect your body. Give it time to settle. Give yourself time to heal, Even if the injury lies in the heart. Take some time to fill yourself up with love. Fall in […]

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And so she loved herself.

Her heart yearned to wander. It was the whisper of the wind that called her name. The rustle of the trees that sent the rhythm into her bones. The beating of her heart that caused the bass of the unknown. She was wild. She slept among the wolves. A protector of all that is meant […]

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Exquisite Metamorphosis

And so it begins. The external starts to crumble. The heart begins to rumble. Light breaks through the cracks. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon. There’s so much beauty in the crumbling of bricks. As I break through past walls that I built so high it blocked the sky. Now I can feel the breeze. […]

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